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Hi guys welcome to this episode of techy contents and today once again I will show u how u can play Pokemon Go from YOur home and in whichever country You Like To play without Getting Banned Follow The steps Given Below If u Cant see Full Tutorial
Fake GPS:
Cloud VPN:
1)Download and install these Apps
2) ON developer option and Allow mock Location
3)Open Browser and and select whichever Pokemon You Like.Just take Coordinates of That Place and Input
it in FAKE GPS search.
4)now start fake location.
5)now open CLOUD VPN and Select the Country in which you started fake GPS.
6)now turn off Mock Location and Fake GPS as well.
7)Now Open Pokemon Go and PLAY:)))))
8) If u cant Perform this trick in first time or ERROR:GPS SIGNAL NOT FOUND just keep retrying u will Achieve success.

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