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Best Wishes 692 Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!

The heroes reach a lake. As Cilan and Iris admire the beauty of the lake, Ash remembers Trip showing him Oshawott’s eyes were closed when using Aqua Jet. Ash decides to have some special training, and, along with Cilan, leave their Pokémon to Iris to watch over. Ash sends Oshawott, deciding to have some special training. As Iris entertains the Pokémon, Ash goes in the water with Oshawott, telling him they will train to open their eyes underwater. Oshawott is not pleased, so Ash holds him and dives. However, he sees that Oshawott cannot open his eyes underwater. They repeat this once more, though Oshawott still has his eyes closed. Ash opens them, causing Oshawott to blast Ash out of water using Water Gun.

Meanwhile, Iris entertains the Pokémon with a ball game. Emolga throws the ball to Snivy fast, who uses Vine Whip to bounce the ball away. Dwebble raises its arms, causing it to pierce the ball. Scraggy comes to a bush and sees a bunch of Pokémon, who are not pleased by his appearance. Scraggy headbutts them, causing the Pokémon to be angry. Cilan comes to Iris for lunch, but Iris tells all everyone is are running towards Scraggy, who gets hit. The Pokémon make a formation and release poisonous spores, affecting everyone. Iris and Cilan call Ash, reporting a bunch of Foongus poisoned every Pokémon. While the Foongus move away, Cilan sees there is not a Pokémon Center around for miles. Iris hopes there is some Remeyo Weed around, for it can serve as an antidote. Cilan checks and sees there is some Remeyo Weed under water. Ash decides to go after it. Cilan joins him, while Iris goes to watch over the Pokémon.

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