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Yes, hoverboards can used as well.

What’s going on everybody, it’s Hobi Teh Hobo and I’m going to teach you how to increase your Pokemon’s happiness by walking while AFK. (Away From Keyboard) Note: You can also use this trick to hatch eggs and to let steps pass by for your Pokemon to make even more eggs.
2 hours of this trick should max out a Pokemon’s happiness.

(Using a big open area will help.)
1. Using your right hand, press the Forward Arrow Key.
2. Again with your right hand, press the Left or Right Arrow Key at the same time, you should be walking in a circle now.
3. Now with your left hand, use your Pointer Finger to push the Left Alt Key.
4. Now with the Middle Finger of your Left Hand, push the Left Tab Key.
5. Keep pushing Tab until you have selected any window other than ROBLOX and then release the Alt Key.
6. Now enjoy being AFK c:

From step 3, you can also press escape and you will still be running, just don’t touch the „wasd“ keys. (Credit to Kyla Helm for pointing this out.)

If you want to run, from step 3, use your Left Hand to push the Left Shift with your Middle Finger, Alt with your Pointer Finger, and Tab with your Ring Finger.

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