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Pokémon Emerald 2 - ALL BOSSES (All Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champion & more)

Pokémon Emerald 2 | All Bosses | No Commentary
All Bosses Pokemon Emerald 2 Rom Hack 2017

Pokémon Emerald 2 All Bosses:
00:00 Leader Roxanne
03:11 Leader Brawly
07:02 Leader Wattson
11:00 Leader Flannery
15:48 Leader Norman
19:41 Leader Winona
24:03 Final Rival
26:39 Magma Leader Maxie
30:09 Leader Tate & Liza
35:46 Aqua Leader Archie
39:37 Leader Juan
46:02 Elite Four Sidney
50:21 Elite Four Phoebe
54:56 Elite Four Glacia
1:00:52 Elite Four Drake
1:05:58 Champion Wallace
1:13:35 Final Trainer Steven

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This game is well balanced man. The difficulty curve is on point; every one of its 386 obtainable Pokemon has been given a fresh, healthy lick of paint; the world of Hoenn has gotten a dirty great global route makeover, with three or four all new routes and four cheeky puzzle islands to explore on the endless ocean; I’ve added some grubby looking tiles that count as safe zones in caves where wild pokemon cannot appear; the game’s story and route progression’s had a few changes; the pokedex has had some bant added, there’s a few new moves, two new mons, the trainer battles have been redone, the gyms and E4 are more varied than ever, and (last but not least) you can check the clocks in Pokemarts to get the current time.

Alongside this we have the classic spattering of reuseable tms and move tutors, the phys/spec split, BW repels system, ORAS easy berry planting, pokemarts inside pokecenters, and day and night. And a free of charge gym difficulty patch if you feel under-challenged.

Maybe each hack contains many unexpected things. And now we are talking about the Pokemon Emerald 2, a hack of Pokemon Emerald made by luuma.
One more time, we will enjoy the adventure in the familiar Hoenn Region. We are the new comers here, we go and help Professor Birch out of his troubles. After that we get a Pokedex, a Pokemon from his laboratory. We will become the rival of his daughter/son (depend on the character we choose from the beginning). A big criminal organization is disturbing the whole region, we must stop them from doing crazy and stupid things… Ah, those things are never going to stop. We can do that, for sure.

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