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Clemont introduces our heroes to the school where he studied Electric-type Pokémon. He graduated with top honors after inventing a device that stores electricity for all to use, thanks to inspiration from his friend Shinx. Team Rocket is determined to steal that electricity, but a wild Luxio who lives near the transformer is keeping everyone at bay.

When Luxio (who evolves from Shinx) gives Clemont the cold shoulder, he has a hunch about what’s going on. He explains that just before he left school, he had planned to meet up with Shinx and ask it to come with him. Clemont never made it to that meeting, and he suspects his friend never forgave him for that.

Later, during a battle with Team Rocket, Clemont throws himself in front of Luxio to protect it. Afterward, he apologizes to Luxio and promises to meet in their usual spot the next day. When the time comes, Clemont is waiting when Luxio finally arrives, and the two of them continue their journey together!

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