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Pokemon Omega Ruby Wonderlocke Challenge Part 22 - GOLBAT HARM

Pokemon Omega Ruby Wonderlocke Challenge Part 22 – GOLBAT HARM – Subscribe for more:

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Pokemon Omega Ruby Wonderlocke is FINALLY here! After the success of pokemon wonderlocke challenge stuff on my channel for X and Y, you knew I had to do an Omega Ruby Wonderlocke immediately at midnight! I’ll be headed through the Hoenn region and wonder trading relentlessly in an attempt to become League Champion and beat the game, so I hope you’ll join me on my journey. Will I get a new Mega Evolution? Maybe I can get
lucky and get another wonder trade shiny! You’ll have to find out by watching!

DON’T FORGET! Timestamp your favorite parts in this episode in the comments section!

Pokemon Wonderlocke Rules:
1. You must catch the first Pokémon you find in a new route. If you have it or a family member of its species, you CANNOT catch it. Failure to catch it results a loss in a new partner!
2. The newly caught Pokémon MUST be WONDER TRADED (no in-game trades allowed). If you happen to get the same Pokémon as the one you traded, you may keep it (Hard-Mode players must trade again). If the Pokémon is one you’ve already captured (whether it be the same exact Pokémon, or its family member), you must trade again (also known as „dupes clause“.
3. All given Pokémon (like the starters, Lapras, and Torchic (for those during the event)) cannot be traded and are soul-bound.
4. (Like any other Nuzlocke challenge), when a Pokémon faints, you MUST release it. (EXCEPTION: You may put it in a „Dead“ box to be able to go back any look at your previous members for a memorial service.)

So far you guys have killed it with the support for the Pokemon Wonderlocke of Omega Ruby, and it means the world to me! Thank you so much. I’ll continue to pump out the Pokemon videos and complete this wonderlocke for you, then complete the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Ranzomizer Wonderlocke too. It’s honestly my favorite way to play the Pokemon games. I have gotten some fantastic wonder trades and used my wonder trade karma here in ORAS to grab a legendary pokemon too. Please let me know in the comment section what you’d like me to do after I complete the Pokemon Omega Ruby Wonderlocke. It means a lot to have your support, #JPPArmy !

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